Atlas of Eating

Atlas of Eating
  • croissant

    The surprising origin of the croissant

  • goulash

    The glory of goulash

  • truffle

    Beware the erotic truffle

  • ramen

    The rich history of ramen

  • spices

    The spices that built Venice


Travel to the world's most sweet and savory corners

Every culture has its own cuisine, and every cuisine its own secret history. This special issue of Journeys, titled Atlas of Eating, provides an in-depth look at food and culinary culture around the globe, including in-depth stories and favorite recipes.

Here's some of what you'll find:

Food and Travel - Explore how the exotic tastes of distant lands can reveal wonders of history and culture
The Croissant is an Imposter - Plus other "French" stuff that isn't truly French at all
Time Travel - The dangers of erotic truffles by an 18th-century gourmand
Venice: A City Built on Spice - The centrality of the spice trade to Venice's early growth and power
The Glory of Goulash - How a lowly peasant dish worked its way to becoming a refined international staple
The Origins of Ramen - The humble beginnings of a favorite Japanese dish

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